Transcription services

TSG Foreign Language Transcription - An alternative to the expensive language services

Welcome to TSG language transcription, we provide you with high quality transcription. TSG has the highly trained in house professionals to complete an assignment at a short notice. We use technology, state-of-art facility combined with efficient resource usage.

What do we transcribe at TSG?

You name it and we do it

Foreign language transcription includes Interviews, trials, police investigations, teleconference, meetings, surveys, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, radio shows, seminars, etc. Our language transcription services are offered in almost all formats.

TSG takes pride in our accuracy, efficiency, and affordability and this confidence comes from our long list of reliable and consistent clients who give us the opportunity to serve them. From foundation to finish, we are convinced and guarantee you that you will find our language transcription services to be the most professional, reliable and affordable.

Court Tapes from Legal Proceedings

One of our area of expertise, TSG specialize in transcribing court tapes. We have many experienced court reporters in our legal team who are familiar and coherent with court reporting process. They add value and accuracy to our court tape transcription.

Verbatim from Interrogations and arbitrations

Verbatim transcription services are offered to clients who wish to have full and accurate transcript of everything dictated or said during the recording process. These recordings are typically done during trials, seminars, cross examinations, arguments, investigative interviews, etc.

Correspondence Transcription

TSG also offers correspondence transcription services. These can include business trade shows, seminars, meetings and conferences, symposiums, etc. Many companies and almost every industry need correspondence transcription.

Our top priority - Confidentiality and service

With our vast experience in legal transcription, we are well versed with the confidentiality of the legal documents. You can be very well assured of the confidentiality of your legal document when partnering with TSG for your legal transcription needs. We are in total compliance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act and maintain high level data security.